"No Surrender" is the 8th episode of Season 4, and the 56th overall. It originally aired on April 4, 2013.


On the final day of the bet, Troy and T-Roy are racing to catch the biggest gator. T-Roy and Bigfoot hunt until they run out of tags, and they are able to get their biggest gator yet at 11'7". Troy and Brandon continue hunting, and their last gator is the biggest of their year. The teams meet at Duffy's to give a final measure. With Troy's measuring 12', he gets the Texans gun holder, but makes them dinner anyway before they leave to Texas.

Meanwhile, RJ and Jay Paul take a gamble on where to hunt, which works out to their benefit. With their boat fixed, Liz and Jessica continue hunting, however a large gator causes Liz great pain, which forces Jessica to take over.