"Texas Hold 'Em"
Texas Hold Em
An alligator biting Troy's gun
Air Date February 21, 2013
Season 4
Episode 50
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"Swamp Invaders"
"Floating Dead"
"Texas Hold 'Em" is the second episode of Season 4, and the 50th overall. It originally aired on February 21, 2013.


On the second day of the shortened season, Troy and his crew attempt to win the bet against T-Roy and Bigfoot with the largest gator. Troy and Brandon still struggle to catch gators, while Jacob and Chase set out on their own. They also have a bad haul, but do discover a large gator that drags their boat around the swamp. Afterwords, Troy has a meeting where he decides they all need to step up to catch up. Despite this, they do not get the gator. Meanwhile, T-Roy and Bigfoot head out with their own secret recipe. They have a successful day, but are unable to catch the 12 foot alligator they were hoping to catch.

Meanwhile, Junior and Willie head out with their tags, with a new goal for the year. Junior is going for the biggest gators, not the most. However, Junior and Willie begin to have problems when Junior's gun fails and Willie has to stab the gator with a knife. After this, Willie begins to question Junior's authority. Starting a day later than everyone else is Bruce and Ron. However, they discover the highway is closed down, and their long detour in the swamp is full of plants that block the way, and cannot be moved. They call it a day, while Bruce ponders his bad luck.

Meanwhile, Glenn Guist's yard is flooded in 2 feet of water, but rather than worrying about that, he remembers his brother, Mitchell, who passed away. After thinking, he decides to visits Mitchell's grave as they put on the headstone, honoring his brother.



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